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Details Name Level Gender City
    Todd Bucciarelli 3.5 Male HINSDALE
    Tam E OShaughnessy 3.0 Female Atlanta
    Tom Kern 4.0 Male hinsdale
    Terri Whitehurst 4.0 Female Cartersville
    Yohannes Haile Stone mountain
    Michele Zimmer 3.0 Female The Hills
    MiHyang Faulks 3.0 Female Tyrone
    Tara Klevorn 4.0 Female Jefferson
    Brian Curry 2.5 Male Waldorf MD
    Josh Hunt 3.5 Male Las Cruces, NM
    Sandra Julian Pasadena
    Paul McManus 3.5 Male Atlanta
    Fouad Abbas Bethesda
    Naheed Abbas 3.0 Female Bethesda
    Gail Chanin 4.5 Female Marietta
    Susan Comeau 3.0 Female Paxton
    Emmett Cooke Marietta
    Sugene Shin 3.5 Female Columbia
    Greg Haff 2.5 Male Marietta
    David Chau 3.5 Male Jacksonville