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Details Name Level Gender City
    Emmett Cooke Marietta
    Gail Chanin 4.5 Female Marietta
    Sugene Shin 3.5 Female Columbia
    Greg Haff 2.5 Male Marietta
    David Chau 3.5 Male Jacksonville
    saurabh suneja Alpharetta
    Leigh Sandridge 3.5 Female Monroe
    joyce benninger 202 Maggies Rd
    Zaida Quesada 3.5 Female Alpharetta
    Steve Piacentini Lawrenceville t
    Sahil Shaikh Alpharetta
    Mary Kinas Las Vegas
    Randy Price Cartersville
    Rosi De-Kelly Dunwoody
    Diane Consuegra 2.5 Roswell
    Roger Carlson 3.5 Male La Grange
    Rolf Ricker 4.0 Male Hinsdale
    Justin Lui 4.5 Male College Park
    Katie Humphries 4.0 Female 242 Rockyford road ne
    Nina Donovan 3.5 Female Atlanta