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Details Name Level Gender City
    Dixie Bender Stroudsburg
    Mike Snell Kansas City
    Brad Bahret 4.5 Male Marietta
    Ashok Kumar Murugesan 2.5 Male Alpharetta
    Brian Curry 2.5 Male Waldorf MD
    Jeff Barron 3.5 Male Annapolis
    Susan Roth 3.0 Female Pasadena
    Barbara Marschke 3.0 Female Loganville
    Harumi Nakano 3.5 Female Hillsborough
    David Baumann Douglasville
    Fiorella Giantomaso Female Burlingame
    Emmett Cooke Male Marietta
    Bogdan Lomnicki 2.5 Male Woodstock
    Cecilia Green Harned 3.5 Female Marietta
    Barb Pieters 2.5 Select MARIETTA
    Stew Ogilvie 3.0 Male lawrenceville
    Markay Nutter 4.0 Female Santa Fe
    Yesenia Long 3.5 Female cumming
    Michael Travis 3.5 Male Lawrenceville
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