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Details Name Level Gender City
    pavan Karnati Male Austin
    Vikram Yeddula Marietta
    SanYvette Williams 3.5 Female Odenton
    Jill Levin 3.0 Female West Hartford
    Larry Gregory C-3 Male Ackword
    Steven Darling Vancouver
    Elizabeth Tafone 3.0 Female palm harbor
    andy turner A-8 Male duluth
    Eric Corbridge Severn
    Qiang Zhou San Francisco
    Jim Van Emburgh B-3 Male Lawrenceville
    Jeff Barron 3.5 Male Annapolis
    Srikiran Chinta 3.5 Male sterling heights
    Kyle Roberts 3.5 Female Tampa
    Susan Matt 2.5 Female duluth
    Heidi Barron 3.0 Female Crownsville
    Monika Glenn 3.5 Female Lancaster
    Murphy Moon 3.5 Female Austin
    Susan Kolarchick 3.5 Female Birmingham
    Libby Ostler 3.0 Female Madison Heights
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