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Details Name Level Gender City
    Kathleen Oelschlager Brewster
    John Tuccio 3.5 Select Austin
    Jim McArdle 3.5 Male Austin
    Ash Rue Boston
    Kirsten Coppo 3.0 Female Broomfield
    Susan Roth 3.0 Female Pasadena
    Barbara Marschke 3.0 Female Loganville
    Joe Cullen 3.5 Male Atlanta
    Lisa Lipton 3.0 Female Roswell
    Anita Vestal 3.0 Female Tampa
    Libby Ostler 3.0 Female Madison Heights
    pavan Karnati 3.5 Male Austin
    Norma fuentes 3.5 Female Marietta
    Ganga Chandramohan Female Torrance
    laura lewandowski 3.0 Female Annapolis
    Glenora Keeve 3.0 Female Annapolis
    Jose Ramirez 2.5 Male Woodstock
    Mark Landess A-6 Male Johns Creek
    Kathleen DaSilva 3.5 Female Naples
    Bob Underwood 3.5 Male madison
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