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Details Name Level Gender City
    Bogdan Lomnicki C-5 Male Woodstock
    Kathleen DaSilva 3.5 Female Naples
    Kay Dillard 3.5 Female Hull
    Bob Underwood 3.5 Male madison
    Gail Chanin 4.0 Female Marietta
    Karen Hill Kennesaw
    Michael Warrick 4.0 Male Dallas
    Candace Lemoine 3.5 Female New Orleans
    Nicole Thatcher Female Bala cynwyd
    Leslie Green 3.5 Female New Albany
    Robert Bilotti 4.0 Male Bloomfield Hills
    Beth Harris Marietta
    Terri Whitehurst 4.0 Female Cartersville
    Danielle Sherwood Female Rumson
    Larry Gregory 2.5 Male Ackword
    Susan Matt B-6 Female duluth
    Heidi Barron 3.0 Female Crownsville
    Cecilia Green Harned 3.5 Female Marietta
    Chris Nelson 3.0 Male Marietta
    William Mays 3.0 Male Temecula
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