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Getting tired of making countless phone calls every week?

As those of you who have captained a tennis team know, one of the biggest headaches is communicating with everyone on your team . . . weekly lineups, refreshments, knowing who's available on a given week, are we in the playoff hunt, what is the makeup schedule . . . and so on. Playing phone tag with 16 people or more every week can be downright frustrating. While the popularity of email has certainly made communication easier, it still doesn't give you an efficient way to relay all of the details of your team 24 hours a day.

Communication made easy!

With, players can logon to the internet any time, day or night to view next week's lineup, look at past match results, view division standings, see special messages from the captain, and much more. And with password security that you control, only your teammates can see your team's information. For those few players who aren't yet on the internet either at home or work (and there aren't too many left), you can easily print out your roster, schedule, court directions, and more.