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Hear what our customers say about our service . . .

"My team is really enjoying using Netlineup, it has made the season much easier...and they all love being able to see all the standings."  "I can assure you we will use it again."

Captain - Shakerag Business Womens

"Your service just keeps getting better and better. (Wish I could say the same thing about my team...) Thank you again. You have made being a captain so much easier."

Captain - Shakerag Men

"Well, we're city champs!!! Thanks for making it so easy to organize the matches & communicate with the players! I would not ever consider doing this again without NETLINEUP!! Thanks a bunch!!"

Captain - Kingsley

"NetLineup ROCKS!! I tell 'everyone' about it."

Captain - Carriage Gate

"I am currently signed onto and I must say that you have done an excellent job with this. The administration of the team and communication has been remarkably simple. The team members found it to be very convenient, and I as the captain found it to be very simple to use. Thanks!"

Captain - Chatsworth

Captain's Message Board
"Your site is very helpful and easy to setup and use."

"Thanks so much for your help!! Our team has really enjoyed using has made all our lives so much easier. Again, thanks."

Captain - Falcon Hills

"We really like the website. It makes my job as captain soooooooo much easier."

Captain - Plantation at Brookwood

"We had a ball with the website, especially the message board."

Captain - Eastmont Cove

"Thanks for not being a footnote in history . . . the thought of losing your web services is terrifying."

Captain - Bitsy Grant