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Details Name Level Gender City
    Scott Schoem 3.5 Select West Hartford
    Barbara Marschke 3.0 Female Loganville
    Wendy Hubbert 3.0 Select Centreville MD
    Christy Blumenfeld 3.5 Female Dallas
    Joelle Mansfield 4.0 Female Bloomfield Hills
    Bianconi Ha 3.5 Female Burlingame
    Stephanie Ford 3.5 Female Canton
    Susan Matt B-1 Female duluth
    Michele Zimmer 3.5 Female The Hills
    Jim Van Emburgh B-2 Male Lawrenceville
    Betsy Rutkowski 3.0 Female Palm Harbor
    Priti Mathur New Canaan
    Chetan Mathur 2.5 Male New Canaan
    Esther Garriga rios 2.5 Female Bloomfield Hills
    Julia Reid C-4 Female CANTON
    Rana Sahinler 2.5 Female Alpharetta
    Casey Royster 3.0 Male Hanover
    Andy Carrington 3.5 Female Sarasota
    Susan B Miller 4.0 Female Albuquerque
    Josephine Macdonald 2.5 Select Brewdter