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Details Name Level Gender City
    Roshi Jamshidi 2.5 Female Columbus
    Jim Van Emburgh 2.5 Male Lawrenceville
    Molly Burton 3.0 Female Athens
    Susan Matt B-1 Female duluth
    Kay Dillard 3.5 Female Hull
    Alina Trimble 3.5 Female Austin
    Michele Zimmer 3.5 Female The Hills
    Rodney Brooks B-2 Male Atlanta
    Gemma Cerdan B-4 Female Buford
    Patrisia DeRussy 4.5 Female Brookhaven
    Qing Li 3.0 Female Sterling Heights
    SanYvette Williams 3.5 Female Odenton
    Tracey Batey 3.0 Female Bloomfield Hills
    Tina SooHoo 3.5 Female Needham
    Jennifer Sicking Female argyle
    Bogdan Lomnicki C-6 Male Woodstock
    Paula Lins 4.5 Female Roswell
    Michael Warrick 4.0 Male Dallas
    Kathleen Atkins B-4 Female Canton